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Top Five (5) Play back Singer 2014

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Well, today we are sharing Top 5 Play back singer list 2014 ,on the basis hits in 2013-2014 .

1.  Arijit Singh :-  is #1 No singer in the list of top ten singer . he is rocking at Bollywood. he gave 20 best songs ever.  he is more popular day by day . he sung best song ” Mere aashiqui bs tum hi ho” from the movie

arijit singh singer

Arijit Singh Best Song Ever 2014

Tum Hi Ho
Main Dhoondne
Jhoom Jhoom Ta Hun Main
Kasmir Mein tu Kanyakumari
Aasan Nahin Yahan
Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi

2.  Atif Aslam ;- is another good play back singer . he is from Pakistan. he is giving back to back hits song in the all the movies. ” is dard dil ki sifarish “is really awesome song sung by atif aslam.

Best Song of Atif Aslam

Jeene Lage hoon Pehle Jada
Mein Rang Sarbat…

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What are the uses of Google Webmaster tools for the Websites?

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What are the uses of Google Webmaster tools for the Websites?

Well, today we are going to discuss on some important uses of the webmaster tools and look forward how to help it to increase websites visibility in the searches.  It will provide a Meta verification tag for the websites.

Website should be added in the Google webmaster tools for checking any kind of technical issue of the site.  Webmaster tools will help to check broken links, broken html pages, crawls rate, health of the website.



  1. Broken Links and Pages: – We can know about broken links and broken html pages of the websites with help of Google webmaster tools.  If website has more broken links so Google does not prefer the website for searches in Google.  Make you sure website should not any broken Pages.
  2.   Crawling & index: – if your website is not looking in Google searches, it means Google is not crawl and index of your website.   We should be check website in the webmaster tools and will fix all the error the website.
  3.    Duplicate content or Meta tag: –   Webmaster tool is also checking duplicate content or Meta tag of your website.  If your website showing duplicate content, we should be fix that.  Duplicate content means, your website title, Meta description length, copy content etc.
  4.  Sitemap and robot text: –   With help of Google webmaster tools, you can create sitemap and robot text file.   Website should be sitemap because Google can easily crawl and index of all the page of the websites. It will be helpful to increase website ranking.  If you want stop indexing of unwanted pages, we can stop it with help and uses of the robot text.
  5.  Searches & Impression: – We can also check searches and impression of the keywords with help of Google webmaster tools.  It helps us to locate where your website keyword position in the searches.

Conclusion: –
We hope, this article will be very help to you, to understand basic concept of the Google webmaster tools uses.  We have discussed above some important of Google webmaster tools uses.   To know more about interesting post of internet marketing, searches engine optimization, Google ad -sense.  Kindly must read seoideas2014 blog.



Best Bond Villains and A Bond Evening

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Boston NYE Party – Watching out this video





In 5 decades, 23 movies of the Bond series gave us a lot of gold moments and memories. And

frankly, those moments wouldn’t be so exciting without the villains in them, no matter how

much you hated them while you were watching. If Bond is always the same Bond, each Villain is

different. Thanks to the villains, our Bond can still always find things to do today! So who get to

be the best villains in the Bond series through all these years?

The villain with the most appearances in the serious is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the leader of

SPECTRE, the Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion

(What a name!). He is responsible for a few global-scale schemes. And although never

successful, he continues trying with much tenacity that deserves respect. And his white Angora

cat! It’s just adorable! Francisco Scaramanga from “The Man With the Golden Gun” (1974) has

left very deep impression although he only appeared once. This charming guy easily comes

close to Bond when it comes to attractiveness. And he is SUCH an assassin, charging the highest

prices to kill with golden bullets. He died in the final duel with Bond. You must remember the

line “Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!” – That is by Goldfinger,

the ruthless badass who made his henchman suffocate his own mistress. What a cold killer.

Nonetheless, “Goldfinger” (1964) is still a good movie. Some villain is not so conventional,

Elektra King for instance. Man, Sophie Marceau is so beautiful; I would die for her if I were

Bond. The hotness of this both Bond Girl and Bond Villain almost breaks the record.

On December 31, SYNERGY is putting on 6th

New Years Eve 2014. The event will immerse you in the James Bond theme, with red carpet,

décor, music, signature cocktails, professional photographers and live entertainment. For the

past four years of Boston New Years Eve, the event has born with overwhelming success. It has

attracted the Boston stylish young professionals, and offered one-of-a-kind Boston New Years

Eve party experiences for the attendees!

Annual Timeless Gala {A Bond Evening}, for Boston

Cheap YouTube Views

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cheap youtube views
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Boston NYE Party

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Timeless: Best Upscale Boston New years Party | Boston New Years Eve | Boston NYE Party 2014

6th Annual Timeless 2014 – #1 Upscale NYE party in Boston Celebrate Boston new years party eve party that is is superior than most in Boston. Check out the u . 

Metro: Last Light Gameplay Episode 18

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Just another episode of Metro:  Last Light gameplay.  Enjoy!!!

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Virgin, Delta Spice Up Airline Safety Videos

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Virgin America Goes Sassy

Delta Does The Holidays

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — You know those boring and redundant airline safety videos you have to watch before takeoff? You know how annoying it can be to have to watch them again if you have a connecting flight (or two)?

As it turns out passengers aren’t the only ones who see a flaw in ho-hum approach to pre-flight safety instructions.

Virgin America and Delta Airlines are trying spice things up with videos designed to actually capture your attention.

On Friday, Virgin will unveil a sassy, pop-themed video with dancing and sarcastic flight attendants.

Delta, meanwhile, is banking Santa Claus and Scrooge will do the trick in a new holiday themed piece.

The FAA has signed off on the videos.

Wheels up! And so are the videos.

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