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25 years the school photographer specialist in preschools, Primary and Secondary Education! Notice the anniversary offer of our school photographer for a free extra specially made ​​for your school print!

Up to 10% commission for school + free keychains for kids + NO hassle with cash? Photo Cool, the school photographer. schools and parents are very excited about our method 2: little work for the schools and beautiful school pictures.

Thank you for taking the time to view our capabilities School Photographer. We are engaged in photography, making school pictures throughout the Netherlands and private printing off for quality and quick service. Been almost 25 years Of course, our school photographer working digitally, which has the great advantage to you is that children never in the pictures come with closed eyes and that there is more control of the kids there are nice and well.

Why choose Photo Cool if your school photographer?

  • Siblings are jointly the school photo
  • The finish of the photographs in our own laboratory so quality guaranteed
  • The packages are sorted and delivered by group
  • The group’s the name of the school (with logo) and the year printed
  • Can reorder, processing takes place outside the school through our webshop.
  • Choose from different backgrounds
  • We put all students on CD-ROM for your administration
  • We also provide free school:

    • Schoolfoto Package for the leaders / teachers
    • A group of the school for leaders / teachers
    • From each group one additional group for the archive.
    • A CD-ROM containing all the photos sorted by class in custom resolution
    • Special farewell picture for all pupils in the highest group / class with all the names!

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