What are the uses of Google Webmaster tools for the Websites?

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What are the uses of Google Webmaster tools for the Websites?

Well, today we are going to discuss on some important uses of the webmaster tools and look forward how to help it to increase websites visibility in the searches.  It will provide a Meta verification tag for the websites.

Website should be added in the Google webmaster tools for checking any kind of technical issue of the site.  Webmaster tools will help to check broken links, broken html pages, crawls rate, health of the website.



  1. Broken Links and Pages: – We can know about broken links and broken html pages of the websites with help of Google webmaster tools.  If website has more broken links so Google does not prefer the website for searches in Google.  Make you sure website should not any broken Pages.
  2.   Crawling & index: – if your website is not looking in Google searches, it means Google is not crawl and index of your website.   We should be check website in the webmaster tools and will fix all the error the website.
  3.    Duplicate content or Meta tag: –   Webmaster tool is also checking duplicate content or Meta tag of your website.  If your website showing duplicate content, we should be fix that.  Duplicate content means, your website title, Meta description length, copy content etc.
  4.  Sitemap and robot text: –   With help of Google webmaster tools, you can create sitemap and robot text file.   Website should be sitemap because Google can easily crawl and index of all the page of the websites. It will be helpful to increase website ranking.  If you want stop indexing of unwanted pages, we can stop it with help and uses of the robot text.
  5.  Searches & Impression: – We can also check searches and impression of the keywords with help of Google webmaster tools.  It helps us to locate where your website keyword position in the searches.

Conclusion: –
We hope, this article will be very help to you, to understand basic concept of the Google webmaster tools uses.  We have discussed above some important of Google webmaster tools uses.   To know more about interesting post of internet marketing, searches engine optimization, Google ad -sense.  Kindly must read seoideas2014 blog.



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