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BIL is one of the leading UK manufacturers and distributors of casters, wheels and fittings for all sorts of industrial applications including… OEM products, materials handling, institutional equipment, moveable display, furniture and many specialist casters, solid or pneumatic wheels applications.

A Variety of Castors & Wheels

There is a wide variety of Castors & Wheels available in the industry in this day and age. Many huge manufacturers will have over ten thousand different kinds of solid and pneumatic castor wheels in stock at any given time. The reason for this is simple; supply and demand. It is essential that manufacturers ensure they have enough products on hand to meet immediate requirements that might pop up on the spur of the moment. They know that every business has different applications that need to be satisfied. That makes variety very important.  Casters


Heavy duty castor wheels are very popular for numerous applications all over the business world. They are durable and designed for the heavy duty job. Industrial types are quite common in industrial areas where the wheels need to be able to roll in a wide range of elements. Both of these types are made to meet commercial and industrial needs. In the home furniture castor wheels are becoming increasingly common. You can find them on couches, sofas, china closets, dressers and many bed frames. All of these wheels serve the same purpose. They make heavy items mobile for ease of transport.


High temperature Castors & Wheels is used in environments where extreme heat is present. These wheels will not melt or suffer damage under these types of conditions. Ergonomic types are becoming popular for those employers who want to reduce the stress injuries often incurred with employees that spend endless hours pulling or pushing heavy loads from one place to another. This can cause musculoskeletal disorders that affect the tendons, muscles, nerves, joints and ligaments causing severe aches and pains for the employee. Another great castor type is the Low Level product that allows the heavy load to be closer to the ground.


Jacking types are great because they allow the user to raise or lower the wheels to a specific level. Instead of buying different size wheels to meet various applications they can adjust them to the height required. The important thing to note here is that you must adjust all the wheels equally to avoid tipping the load. Gate type castor wheels are used on rolling gates. They make it easier for the gate to slide open and closed. Stainless Steel types are popular because they are strong and look great. Special types of wheels include the high temperature, ergonomic and the next type we will discuss; the Anti-static.


Anti-static Casters & Wheels are commonly utilized in factories that manufacture electronic items. Static electricity can be a serious problem. These castor wheels are produced to eliminate most issues with these problems. Swivel type wheels are very common and you will typically see them on desk chairs and shopping carts. Twin wheel types are common on desk chairs as well. There are also fixed types and bolt hole types that are great for various applications. If you are in the market for castor wheels you will certainly find many to choose from today.

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