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Boston New Years Eve Party

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Boston New Years Eve Party – Boston’s most exclusive New Years Eve 2013 Gala. For the vogue and refined, this celebration will immerse you in “Old Hollywood”, with red carpet, fashion presentation, signature cocktails, professional photographer .



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Hårtransplantation med FUE-metoden


Denna metod är beroende av att utvinna follikulära enheter alltså hårsäckar med speciella nålar. Inga skalpeller används.

Varje hårsäck är en liten orgel och en follikulär enhet består av cirka 1-4 hårstrån. Innan operation måste området där hårsäckarna tas ifrån rakas. ”Donatorområdet” där hårsäckarna tas ifrån är på bakhuvudet, som är det området som inte berörs av håravfall.

FUE-metoden utförs under lokalbedövning, hårsäckar transplanteras ett efter ett till det hårlösa området.

Det finns många fördelar med denna metod. Inom en vecka stängs bland annat de små hål som uppstår när hårsäckarna plockas ut, detta utan att lämna ärr.

I hela sessioner kan upp till 3 500 hårsäckar eller med andra ord 7 000-9 000 hår transplanteras på en dag. Eftersom inga blödningar, domningar eller ärr uppstår finns inget behov av att vänta mellan sessionerna, vilket är förfarandet i klassisk teknik.

Om det inte finns tillräckligt med hår på huvudet (donatorområdet), kan follikulära enheter tas från andra delar (bröst, rygg, mage, ben etc) av kroppen och överföras till huvudet. Antalet hår på en människas huvud är inte ett kriterium för att vara en fullgod kandidat för hårtransplantation.

Eftersom alla hårsäckar tas bort ett efter ett av kirurgen blir det dyrare. Dessutom tar det längre tid än andra enklare metoder.

När kvinnor vill genomföra hårtransplantation med FUE-metoden rakas underhåret på bakhuvudet, detta för att donatorområdet inte ska vara synligt. Därefter tranplanteras hårsäckarna var för sig. På grund av det komplicerade i att inte kunna raka bort allt hår på huvudet går det inte transplantera lika många hårsäckar.

Mobile Cocktail Bar

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Kiwimobilebars is Mobile Cocktail Bar  one the greatest Mobile Bar in UK. Kiwi Mobile Bars provide fully licensed mobile cocktail bars, along with professional bartenders for an array of occasions.

Mobile Bar
Mobile Bar 

Kiwi Mobile Bars provide fully licensed mobile cocktail bars, along with professional bartenders for an array of occasions, from birthday parties to weddings to corporate events.

Our aim is to deliver a premium mobile bar service to any location and serve drinks at a price that beats high-street bars.

The Kiwi Mobile Bar can be set up indoors or outdoors and in a space as small as 2m x 2m.  This includes bar, back-bar and bottle fridges. We pride ourselves on our range of premium wines, beers and spirits.

Our professionally trained bartenders really come into their own when they are mixing our fantastic cocktails. We pride ourselves on our cocktail menu, from our signature Jam Jar Mojitos and the contemporary Peach and Basil Bellini to the classic Cosmopolitan, our bartenders can create exciting drinks that will have your guests in awe. Have a favourite drink? We are more than happy to create bespoke cocktail and drinks menus.



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Onze schoolfotograaf met 25 jaar ervaring, nu met een speciale aanbieding ivm ons jubileum! 5 combinatie-afdrukken op 13-18 cm voor slechts 10 euro. De schoolfotograaf komt uiteraard in heel Nederland en Belgie.



Wij zijn al haast 25 jaar bezig met fotografie, maken schoolfoto’s door heel Nederland en drukken in eigen beheer af voor kwaliteit en snelle service. Uiteraard werkt onze schoolfotograaf digitaal; dit heeft als groot voordeel voor U dat de kinderen nooit meer met dichte ogen op de foto’s komen en dat er meer controle is of de kinderen er leuk en goed op staan.

Waarom kiest U voor FotoGaaf als uw schoolfotograaf?

· Broertjes en zusjes kunnen gezamenlijk op de schoolfoto

· De afwerking van de foto’s gebeurt in ons eigen laboratorium dus gegarandeerde kwaliteit

· De pakketten worden per groep gesorteerd en afgeleverd

· Op de groepsfoto’s wordt de naam van de school (eventueel met logo) en het jaartal afgedrukt

· Nabestellen kan; afhandeling gebeurt buiten de school om via onze webshop.

· Keuze uit verschillende achtergronden

· Wij zetten alle leerlingen op Cd-rom voor Uw administratie


Verder leveren wij gratis aan school:

· Schoolfotopakket voor de leiders/leidsters

· Een groepsfoto van het schoolteam voor de leiders/leidsters

· Van elke groep 1 extra groepsfoto voor het archief .

· Een cd-rom met daarop alle foto’s per klas gesorteerd in aangepaste resolutie

· Speciale afscheidsfoto voor alle leerlingen van de hoogste groep/klas met alle namen !


Werkwijze 1 (traditioneel):


· De foto’s worden gemaakt + afgedrukt

· de pakketten worden per groep gesorteerd, afgeleverd en voorzien van betaal-enveloppen.

· De enveloppen met foto’s worden uitgedeeld aan de leerlingen/ouders



Office Supplies Stationery

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Office Supplies Stationery

Download and save this pdf of our catalog and browse at your leisure!

Our Prices average 15% less than Office Supply Superstores on Name Brand Items!

If you would like to place an order for office supplies simply call or email us with the quantity and SKU# that you wish to order.  It’s that Easy!


Office Supples logo is  providing online services for office supplies stationery,office supplies,stationery and office supplies , office supplies company etc. Order by Phone: 303-300-5249 .

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25 years the school photographer specialist in preschools, Primary and Secondary Education! Notice the anniversary offer of our school photographer for a free extra specially made ​​for your school print!

Up to 10% commission for school + free keychains for kids + NO hassle with cash? Photo Cool, the school photographer. schools and parents are very excited about our method 2: little work for the schools and beautiful school pictures.

Thank you for taking the time to view our capabilities School Photographer. We are engaged in photography, making school pictures throughout the Netherlands and private printing off for quality and quick service. Been almost 25 years Of course, our school photographer working digitally, which has the great advantage to you is that children never in the pictures come with closed eyes and that there is more control of the kids there are nice and well.

Why choose Photo Cool if your school photographer?

  • Siblings are jointly the school photo
  • The finish of the photographs in our own laboratory so quality guaranteed
  • The packages are sorted and delivered by group
  • The group’s the name of the school (with logo) and the year printed
  • Can reorder, processing takes place outside the school through our webshop.
  • Choose from different backgrounds
  • We put all students on CD-ROM for your administration
  • We also provide free school:

    • Schoolfoto Package for the leaders / teachers
    • A group of the school for leaders / teachers
    • From each group one additional group for the archive.
    • A CD-ROM containing all the photos sorted by class in custom resolution
    • Special farewell picture for all pupils in the highest group / class with all the names!

3 Signs To Look For in High Quality Tungsten Rings

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3 Signs To Look For in High Quality Tungsten Rings



A lot of people are often confused on what qualities they should look for when purchasing Tungsten rings. As a result, they often make the wrong buying decision and regret their decision later on. Tungsten rings can make an excellent collection in your jewelry box and you should be equipped with enough knowledge to make the right purchasing decision. This article will discuss three things that you should look for before purchasing Tungsten rings. Specifically, wel’ll discuss about thickness, asymmetry and edge smoothness. After reading this article, you should be able to spot right away which is a high quality ring and which is a low quality ring.

In terms of thickness, a high quality Tungsten ring should be 2.3mm thick with 0.1mm tolerance both ways. If a ring is too thick, then it is an indication that the manufacturer is trying to cut corners by spending less grinding time. A ring that is too thick will not be comfortable to wear and it can make you look awkward. Another thing that you need to know is that thickness is always measured in relevance to the ring size. For example, a ring size of 12 should have a thickness of 2.3mm. However, a ring size of 6, should only have a thickness of 1.8mm.

Another thing that you should look for is symmetry. You want the ring to be symmetric all around. What you don’t want is asymmetry. Asymmetry is a sure sign of poor craftsmanship. Take the time to explore the ring to make sure one side of the ring looks the same as the other side. Also, make sure it’s not off centered.

Lastly, you want to make sure the ring has smooth edges. Rough edge is another sign of poor and sloppy craftsmanship. Rough edges can cause skin irritation or even worse, can cut your skin. Take the time to feel the ring thoroughly to scan for any rough edges before you make the purchase. You don’t want to buy a ring that will hurt you or your loved ones in the end.

By looking at those three aspects, you should easily be able to pinpoint a high quality Tungsten ring. Remember to find the appropriate thickness for your ring size, to look for symmetry and to make sure the ring has smooth edges. Hopefully this short article has helped you in choosing the right Tungsten ring. Remember to always ask questions to your retailers if you’re ever unsure about anything and happy shopping!

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