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Resorts Near Delhi | Best Resort Near Delhi | Find Tourist places in Delhi

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Resorts to Visit near Delhi

Today’s life has become very monotonous and the adventure has almost diminished these days. People are always looking for scopes and opportunities that could help them take a little break from their monotonous life. Particularly during weekend people are always in search of some hangout and outing place that could refresh and vitalize their present life.

Resorts Near Delhi

While some individuals want to relax and stay at home only, watching television or sleeping others goes out for an excursion or outing with their family. Delhi is the national capital of India and has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for businesses and professionals and hence there is a fierce competition prevailing.

With this article we have come up with some best resorts near Delhi that people can go for an outing an excursion.Delhi resorts, Find resorts in india, Hills station, Tourist Places in delhi, Resorts near delhi.

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What are the Most Elegant Rings to Wear for Men?

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Fortunately for the men of today, there are plenty of options when it comes to the designs of accessories that they can wear. A few decades back, the only jewellery item which did not seem to be an eyesore when worn by men are classic rings, wedding rings and formal watches. Today, there are many materials, designs and even colours of jewellery that they can fashionably wear.

Tungsten rings

Your Ring Material Options


Let’s take men’s rings as an example. If you are about to say your “I dos” with your significant other, you will be required to wear a wedding ring. College students who play a particular sport also typically wear college rings for men. There are also other ring designs which showcase a man’s personality like a Celtic ring, Christina ring, cross rings, Hebrew rings, promise rings, racing rings, biker rings and tribal rings.


Aside from the design, you can also take your pick from different materials including the following:

  • Cobalt.

Cobalt rings have a metallic sheen to it and has the following characteristics: harder than platinum; has a scratch-resistant surface; is not susceptible to breaking, chipping or shattering.


  • Gold.

This is one of the most popular and common materials used for men’s rings. Take your pick from ones which are classified as 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K – and they’re also available in yellow or white gold colours.


  • Palladium.

This is a beautiful, lustrous metal which has a silver-white colour combination. What make palladium rings stand out is that it is hypo-allergenic and is free from nickel.


  • Platinum.

Next to gold and silver, platinum rings are a favourite material for men. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the costs associated with buying platinum rings has almost turned it into a status symbol.


  • Silver.

If you would like to have that metallic sheen but without having to pay the high price of platinum rings, go for silver rings. This beautiful white metal material is a classic.


  • Stainless Steel.

If you’re the sporty kind of guy, you should definitely consider owning a stainless steel ring. It wears much better than other popular materials like silver and gold.




  • Titanium.

Light yet sturdy, titanium also has that glossy metallic finish.


  • Tungsten Carbide.

You can also purchase tungsten rings. These are actually a combination of the rare mineral called tungsten and carbide powder. When put together, the result is tungsten rings which are strong, tough, virtually scratch-free and almost indestructible.


Why Go for Tungsten Rings  ?


Out of all these materials, what’s the appeal behind wearing tungsten rings? Depending on the finish of the tungsten rings that you will end up buying, it will give off an ultra-lustrous sheen that is like no other.


When you own a tungsten ring, it is virtually indestructible. In fact, it is so durable that when you need to have a ring resized, a diamond cutter needs to be used in order to change the form of the original ring. Otherwise, you need to have brand new tungsten rings made.

True enough, tungsten rings for men are a godsend for those who would like to wear a piece of jewellery that will last you for practically a lifetime.


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Passiflora Incranata

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Most of us know Passiflora Incranata by its common name – Passionflower. Mere mention of this lavender flower with green-trilobed leaves fetches feelings of mystery and fascination. Passiflora is recognized by other names such as maypop, wild apricot and wild passion vine. Because of the way the name sounds and because of the word ‘passion’ in its name, it is often assumed that the flower is an aphrodisiac and grows in exotic locations. Both of these assumptions are true. Let’s explore more.

Passiflora Incranata



Beautiful flowers of passifloraare believed to have originated from the tropical rainforests of South America. In fact, South America is the home to 95% of all Passiflora of the world. Remaining are found in North America, and also in Asia and Australia.

The plant of the flower is a fast growing perennial vine with climbing or trailing stems. However, plant, shrub, annuals and even tree varieties are all known of. The fruit of the plant is a smooth yellow berry called grandilla.

Tropical climate is always a favorite of passiflora prefer. One can easily find people potting them in their balconies and terraces in summer to give their spaces more tropical flair.


History at a Glance

World discovered Passiflora Extract after the Spanish conquest of America. The first mention of this flower was found in a report from the famous Spanish conquistador, Cieza de Leon in 1553. Initially parts of the flower were thought to represent the passion (suffering and death) or crucifixion of Christ. This lead to the name ‘passion’ flower and because of this people started appreciating and admiring the flower.


Chemical Make Up

Passiflora contains tri-substituted benzoflavone, flavonoids, chlorogenic acid, sterols, volatile oils, and traces of alkaloids.

Medicinal Uses

Because of the unique, lavish and rich looks, Passiflora are used the most for ornamental purposes. However, all the parts (leaves, stem, and flowers) of the plant are also used for their medicinal qualities, some of which are:

–          Passionflowers have potent flavonoid and alkaloid content. Pertaining to this, traditionally, the plant has been used for treating stress and anxiety.

–          Passionflowers are neither narcotic nor are they addictive. Therefore, they are also a favorite remedy for the condition of insomnia. Research have suggested that drinking passiflora tea an hour before bedtime might help in relaxation and improving feelings of sleep quality.

–          Passiflora can also help with generalized anxiety disorder or GAD, in fact sometimes, as effectively as the prescription medications.

–          One can use passiflora in combination with clonidine medicine to relieve symptoms related to narcotic drug withdrawal.

–          Passiflora has hypotensive effect and therefore can assist in lowering blood pressure and control of tachycardia (fast heart rate).

–          They also exhibit the ability to suppress cough.

–          It is a traditional medicine to ease menstrual complications, both physical and mental. It also helps relieving some symptoms related to menopause.

–          Passiflora can be applied on the skin (externally) to sooth hemorrhoids, burns, swelling or skin inflammation.

–          Other probable medicinal uses of passifloraare towards Gastrointestinal GI upset (related to anxiety or nervousness), asthma, ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder), palpitations, and fibromyalgia.

–          Passiflora also exhibit aphrodisiac properties including libido-enhancing and virility-enhancing properties.



If taken as tea, the 2-5 grams of herb can be taken for two to three times a day. If taken as an extract or tincture, it is best to follow the directions given on the bottle. The herb also comes in the form of capsules (from 200mg) which can be taken as needed for not more than once a day.


Side Effects

Passiflora, taken in prescribed dosages is generally considered safe. However, side effects such as rapid heart rhythm, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and dizziness have been reported.Apart from this, it is advised to not give passiflora to children and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

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Resorts Near Chandigarh -Essay Booking Now

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kerala tour package | keralaTourism Packages | Kerala Holiday Packages | Kerala Vacation

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Resorts Near Chandigarh

Honeymoon packages for Manali | Manali Tour Packages | Kerala Tour Package | Packages to manali

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Honeymoon packages for ManaliHoneymoon packages for Manali

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